The Secret Formula: Part 1

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The Secret Formula that Solves

Every “Problem” that We Have:  Get Real !  

Part 1

This series of articles is inspired by

A Course in Miracles


“What do mean, ‘get real’ “, you might ask.  And I would answer: “Exactly that.  We have problems, we have issues, illnesses, all our challenges, because we’re not being real.  We’re being (thinking, acting, living) according to what we think we are and not in alignment with what we really are.  In other words, we live in an illusion of who or what and where we are."

For most of us, our every day life is our reality.  Believe me, it isn’t.  Reality is very, very different.

If this concept is new to you, I do not blame you if you are now tempted to think this guy douglas economy is crazy and hit the click button.  If you do, there is a great likelihood that you will miss out on an insight that will change your life, drastically. If you don’t, then you will inevitably come to the exact same conclusion about us and our world if you share the following four beliefs. (If you don’t share these beliefs, then I can guarantee you that at some point you will experience that this stuff is true, because the experience of it is inevitable and universal…it just might take some time…years or life-times.)

Ok.  The four beliefs are:

1.  God IS
2.  God is creatorship
3.  God is complete, perfect and whole
4.  And most of all, God is unspeakable, infinite Love

If these four statements ring true to you then two things follow:

*  the nature of all our problems and their solution is ultimately a spiritual one

*  our world that is full of suffering, limitations and imperfections cannot be real

If God has the attributes that we above ascribed to Her/Him/It, then why would He/She/It not create perfect beings, in a perfect world that would be able to completely share His magnificence, glory, joy, peace and most of all, Love?  The answer is: he did.

Many people think that we are in this world to learn and grow.  Why would God create beings who need to learn and grow?  The answer is: he didn’t.

“So who created this world then, and why," you might ask.  I will answer that in my next entry.

Love and Light, douglas

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