The Secret Formula: Part 2

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The Secret Formula that Solves

Every “Problem” that We Have:  Get Real ! 

Part 2

  This series of articles is inspired by

A Course in Miracles


Last week I stated that true healing means accessing reality and also reality is infinite, eternal perfection which is Love.  This is the reality that God created and this is the reality of what you and I are because we are perfect extensions of the Divine.  And nothing else truly exists. 

Given our general understanding of the nature of God, it is self-evident and logical that God would not create beings that are lesser than himself. (See last week.)  Naturally the question arises: if not God, who did create this imperfect universe?  Who then created these beings called humans who can be unloving and have countless psychological issues because they are predominantly in fear?   Why do they seem to be very limited in many ways by having bodies, including the fact that they get sick and die?

In my understanding the answer is: nobody.  Human beings were never truly created.  They only exist in our imagination.  We are all imagining ourselves to be human; that’s all it is and that’s our only “problem."  It is essentially all a dream.

This point of view naturally leads to the next very good question: why then are we doing this to ourselves? 

Well, first if all, there’s really good news here: we are doing this only to an imaginary part of ourselves.  Our real Selves, our Spirit nature, or “higher Self” still exists as God created it (and which is our true source of healing).  It’s only that within that Divine consciousness a crazy idea “came” about (“came” is in “ “ because in reality there is no time): what if I play God?  What would it be like if I created my own world, a world different from God?  And because God created a complete, perfect and whole world – a “closed system” so to speak - there is “no room” for another world.  In other words, any other “world” would logically have two characteristics: if it’s going to be different in any way, then it would have to be the complete opposite, and it could not be real…only a dream, or illusion.  This thought of separating ourselves from God’s reality (Oneness = only Love) into a world of multiplicity (dualistic) in which the experience of non-love is possible is the birth of the ego.

So, in my understanding, this Universe is an attempt to revolt against God, to have the experience of being special and individualistic outside of the Oneness that God created.

More about this next time…

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