The Secret Formula: Part 3

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The Secret Formula that Solves

Every “Problem” that We Have:  Get Real ! 

Part 3

  This series of articles is inspired by

A Course in Miracles


As I laid the foundation to describe what true healing is, I previously stated that based on 4 assumptions about God:

1.  that God “is”
2.  that God is creatorship of all reality
3.  that God is complete, perfect and whole
4.  that God is, above all, infinite, unspeakable, unconditional Love,

God would not create beings that are lesser than himself and he would not create a world such as the one we seemingly live in.

If these assumptions make sense to you then there cannot be any doubt that God, therefore, created us as perfect, identical extensions of himself.  This also leads to the understanding that - metaphysically speaking – the world is a so-called non-dualistic reality of perfect Oneness.  Therefore, the “dualistic”, imperfect world in which we seem to live is essentially a massive, collective and individual illusion (more about that in another discussion).

As nice and potentially powerful the above inference about the nature of (Divine) reality is, it is nevertheless not proof.  It is based on four assumptions we made about God.  Ultimately, there is no logical/philosophical proof.  The good news is however that proof is not only unnecessary, it misses the point of everything: life is experience.  It’s all about experience, and in reality, nothing else exists but experience.  In other words, we cannot prove what the Essence of life is, as we cannot prove the existence of Divinity (which are the same, yet a point for another discussion) but we can experience Divine existence and life’s Essence.

So the big question about life is:  What experiences are available to us as a choice and what is the outcome of this choice?  This question leads us to the topic of this discussion, namely, the secret formula of true healing:  get real.

To be continued…

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